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Top cotton wadded jacket, the world first-class production line cutting edge technology, clipping is excellent, fashion and easy.
Fabric stretch is good, the size range to strong.

Cotton wadded jacket

A, obesity shape people not to wear light color, belt lattice suit, had better wear monochromatic and color deep suit, should not wear article wide, should wear concealed stripe fabrics, viscerotonia people not to wear double breasted suit.
B, figure short small clothes to concise and lively, suitable to wear shoulder wider coat, make the body is V type, can make a figure show a few taller, simple, plain clothes on the vision also can increase the height of the people.
C, skin color is white type the color of the clothes are free to choose, all appropriate depth
D, skin is rough people not wearing material special fine clothes, or foil a facial skin more rough.
E, thin body person is unfavorable in a dark suit, had better wear color shallow or take lattice suit, fabrics have a type should choose article narrow fabrics.
F, skin color is black type person is unfavorable to wear light color suit, appropriate to wear darker suit.
Seiko secret agents, excellent quality, novel design, USES the high standards of surface, auxiliary materials, low prices, according to processing directly supply price.

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